A technique that reveals what 'we can do' towards change

The First Step

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A technique to visualise the hidden dynamics of a relational situation

To discover where “we are” and where we’d “like to go”

Find and simulate the First Step towards the life we desire

A technique that reveals what 'we can do' towards the change

It bypasses cognitive biases (justifications) helping us to be true to ourselves

Help us to visualise what are we've been waiting for to change that will never change

Reconnect us with values and beliefs

Bypasses the cognitive biases that mislead us and make us believe lies about our life to enjoy a good life

Empower us to be true to ourself

Reconnect us with our personal spirituality

Shows, where we are, where we'd like to go, and the First Step to get there!

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verbal therapies, psychoanalysis, EMDR, CBT, short therapies, psychodrama, Gestalt