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I think the Play of Life is one of the greatest inventions done up till now for working virtually.
Eva Fahlström Borg
Swedish senior psychotherapist and paychodramatist

The Play of Life app


Based on Psychodrama

Developed by Dr. Carlos A Raimundo, based on the core philosophy and techniques of J . L. Moreno, J. G Rojas-Bermudez and neuroscience.

Use the Play of Life method

It uses small figures and props to fast-track insight to find the first step towards a better life.

Reveals a hidden reality

By bypassing the neocortex (thinking brain) and going straight to the limbic system (emotional brain).

Who it for?

The Play of Life digital is for those tired of worrying and facing the same relational issues again and again without any resolution. It is a tool to enhance communication by shifting from words to a picture. 

How the Play of Life app works

Kevin present 1

Represent your current relationships

Kevin ideal 1

Represent your dreams

Kevin both 1

Analyze the stages and create new strategies​

The process to get the full featured app

Open the App

Open the App in your browser. Go to the App Section and Click on Open

Get a license

You can activate more features to the app getting a license. See our plans and get a license.

Activate your license

Inside the app, enter the license you purchased into the License request form. Then click on Activate.

Play of Life App Instruction Video

Please watch this video before/during your first use of the app. We recommend watching it on a separate device while you use the app.

Open the Play of Life app

The app is in Beta version. You can use it in any browser but we recommend to use it with large screen devices.

Until September 30

*Limited by the software capacity to handle persons.

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